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Indigenous + Veteran + Woman Owned

Step into the world of IRD Co., where exquisite craftsmanship meets a commitment to social impact. Since our inception in 2020, we've been driven by a passion for creating exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate the beauty of Navajo culture, nature, and modern art. At the heart of our brand is Artist & Designer Rose McFadden, whose creative vision infuses each creation with timeless elegance and cultural reverence.
Our exclusive collections are a testament to our dedication to quality and authenticity. Every piece is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, sourced ethically and with respect for indigenous traditions. With each design, we aim to honor the heritage of the Navajo people while embracing innovation and contemporary style.
But our mission extends beyond the realm of jewelry. At IRD Co., we are committed to making a difference in the world. That's why we actively support the fight to end human trafficking and raise awareness about this critical issue. With every purchase, you join us in our mission to create positive change and empower communities.
Welcome to IRD Co., where beauty, craftsmanship, and social responsibility come together to inspire a brighter future.

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Introducing our Navajo Abstract Collection, Rose takes this collection to new heights - stunning fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance. Inspired by the mesmerizing hues of the earth, intricate beading techniques, and abstract cut designs, each piece in this collection is a testament to artistry and sophistication.
Our designs sway gracefully, adorned with hand-rolled beads and Czech seed beads that add depth and texture to the intricate patterns. Accentuated with touches of 18K Gold, these pieces exude a timeless allure and luxury. The unique cuts and intricate detailing make every accessory in this collection a work of art, sure to capture attention wherever you go.
Crafted to adorn and elevate, our pieces delicately fall just above the shoulder, framing your face with effortless charm. For added versatility, select designs can be customized with clip-on options, ensuring comfort and style for every wearer. Whether adorned with 18K Gold posts, hooks, or stainless steel, each piece is meticulously crafted for enduring beauty and durability.
Embrace the essence of Navajo heritage and contemporary flair with our Navajo Abstract Collection—an ode to timeless beauty and cultural richness.

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