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Isabella Rose Design Co creates the most unique accessories and household decor from high quality polymer clay, precious metals, stone, and more. We are in high demand for custom orders: bridal parties, anniversary gifts, and wholesale orders to match your brand.

About Us: About Us


I am so glad you made it here to read About Us - this company is named after my daughter Isabella Rose as it signifies how I want her to view her place in the world. You are the perfect Navajo girl, fearless, and a perfect representation of what it means to live out your purposeful driven life. As an artist, I truly believe we are blessed with God-given talents and abilities; and we are called to share those with others in the world. Through art and being a visionary, I take you to the behind the scene workings in my mind, where it meets the paper, my heart, and created by these hands -- to make its imperfectly perfect way to "wearable art" for you. I live outside the box - as a purple heart US Army veteran, mother, wife, scholar, leader and artist... I want my daughter to tap into every aspect of herself when she grows up, know there are zero limits, and create your art for the world to experience. Thank you for supporting our dream & unfinished story.

Rose + Isabella

About Us: About Us
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